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Human Body Micro-Biome

What YOU are is a storage locker for Trillions of microbial cells/organisms called the Micro-Biome.  These microbes cover your body, inhabit your intestines and thrive in your lower gut!  These little buggers work to make up more than 70% of your Natural Immune System and thrive on the FIBER you eat.

All these microbes consist of two and a half (2.5) million microbial genes.  These inhabit your brain, your intestines and organs and surface of your skin.  In your nose, lungs and blood; literally everywhere.  Science is still trying to figure it out, but in the meantime refer to this conglomeration of organisms as the Micro-Biome. 

Your large intestine, for instance, contains more that 40 trillion bacteria.  This represents 150 time the genetic material that is YOU as an individual.  These microbial species each have a very specific role in your body. These microbes have more than 150 times the genetic pathways than the human organism.  These microbes create metabolites, enzymes and more that constantly interact with the human organism, brain, and functional/operational individual organs.

So-called ‘medical science’ didn’t know much at all about this amazing interaction and synergistic operation in the human body until 2006!  Programs were initiated in the USA, Canada, India, China and more around the Globe to delve into this ‘unknown science’!

The Micro-Biome of each and every individual is Different; not unlike a personal ‘fingerprint’ and can and does change over time; unlike your fingerprint! Each Micro-Biome is representative of individuals who suffer from specific diseases that are unlike a person who does not exhibit symptoms of another disease.  Even the mood and other brain functions can and are impacted by your bodies Micro-Biome!

Given this, it is now possible to impact your Health, Wellness and Longevity by fine tuning your gut bacteria and body’s Micro-Biome. Your body depends on your Gut Micro-Biome to produce many essential vitamins as well. You depend on your gut for production of K2, Melatonin and more.  They also produce much of your digestive enzymes from your mouth through your intestines and out of your colin.

Your large bowel is the reservoir of the digested food you have eaten and sits there, often for hours, fermenting by the trillions of microbes until it is cleared by a normal ‘bowel movement’.  During this fermentation process more than half of the molecular compounds that you need to function as a human.  More than 50% or more of the molecules floating around in your blood that you need to be human are made/manufactured in your gut from the food you eat!

These are NOT compounds we can make ourselves or that can be derived from food or other sources.  They can ONLY be made by the ‘correct’ microbes in your gut from the food we consume.  Therefore, you can easily see how YOU can control the development of select bacteria that compromise your own personal fingerprint of Gut-Biome like a farmer cultivates a crop or herd of animals growing only the ones that will profit him the most.

So, an unhealthy Micro-Biome is one that is missing essential crops or herds of essential bacteria/microbes that are needed for the creation of an essential nutrient that promote a healthy human being.  Cultivation of an ‘unhealthy’ organism can trigger certain ailments/diseases by taking the place of an essential organism and/or production of an unhealthy/harmful product that creates negative response from the human body.

This bacterial imbalance is called Dysbiosis where you have an imbalance in the number or type of bacteria being cultivated inside YOU.  This imbalance can cause many different ailments in the human body producing symptoms from migraine headaches to brain fog to various chronic diseases. Pretty much every ‘disease’ can be traced back to some form of Dysbiosis.

Basically, when you are sick or just don’t feel great this can be an indication of Dysbiosis. And can be traced back to your nutrition and lifestyle CHOICES.  Yes, you are choosing to be Dysbiotic!

These causational imbalances or cultivation of the unhealthy bacteria can be impacted by what you eat.  Overuse of antibiotics, that can destroy your gut bacteria (both good and bad) have a direct detrimental impact on your gut health.  Since almost every animal raised for ‘food’ is fed massive amounts of general antibiotics in the ‘feed lots’ before slaughter, you are indirectly getting dosed with a lot of antibiotics if you CHOOSE to consume it as a food source. If you consume ultra-processed ‘food’ which is very common in food-stores today and consume a ‘Standard American Diet’, you are choosing to destroy much of the healthier gut bacteria and helping promote the growth of the unhealthy variety.

The SAD or Standard American Diet is very low in natural food fiber, found in vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  The SAD, mostly animal product and overly-processed foodstuffs contain little or no natural fiber.  This dietary choice promotes the unhealthy bacteria and starves the healthy varieties that thrive on plant fiber!  This can produce a totally Dysbiotic gut and human organism.

We as humans do not have the capability to digest this plant fiber.  Our digestive process is mostly completed by the time this roughage gets to the lower intestines.  This fiber, does help sort of clean out the digestive tract in additional to many other benefits I cannot get into here, but it is primarily directed to the healthy gut bacteria that inhabits our lower intestine.

Your lifestylediet is the controlling factor over your healthy Gut-Biome and ‘science’ is learning more and more about it every day.  You can CHOOSE to be healthy by helping your natural gut bacteria to be a wonderfully diverse and healthy variety.  Fed with abundant fiber and a wider variety of vegetable, fruits, nuts and seeds you will cultivate a wonderful HEALHY whole body Micro-Biome!