Plant Based Lifestylediet
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Why Do Many People Disparage Plant Based?

Why do so many ‘people’ seem to hate those who follow a healthy plant-based diet lifestyle?  Eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and avoiding ALL Animal Products (meat, fish, dairy & eggs) seems to offend so many. 

WHY is that?  While this way of living/eating follows into a ‘vegan’ realm, it has nothing to do with any radical ‘animal rights or other extreme political agenda. We just want to be Healthy and Live Longer and Prosper!  Shouldn’t everyone?

Seems not, as many posts, articles, books we have written and interviews I have given seem to get me into trouble.  People often assume, with absolutely no supporting evidence, that a Plant Based Lifestyle Diet is somehow less healthy than a more traditional carnivore diet of meat, eggs, fish and dairy.

I frankly don’t care what others choose to consume.  It is their life and I have no interest in controlling what another chooses to do.  I can however, show mountains of peer reviewed evidence and personal testimonies that show how living a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle is much healthy that the Standard American Diet. 

My own personal story is the reason I embarked on this wonderful journey.  Back in 2010, I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and given less than three years to live.  I chose an alternative to the traditional medical approach (that killed my father and mother-in-law) and looked into Nutrition as a way to heal, live and prosper.

Obviously, it worked and continues to puzzle every doctor I have seen since 2010.  They just have NO CLUE about Nutrition and the healing, or the lifegiving properties of a Whole Food approach to living.  Not only am I still alive and well, but my wife Nancy, reversed her arterial disease (52% blockage) and enjoys the same increased health benefits that has allowed us  to continue our lives together.

People just assume (here we go again), that Plant Based Cuisine is somehow not delicious and that eating this way is less healthy than their Standard American Carnivore Diet.  Nothing could be further from the FACTS; but few choose to consider, listen or pay attention to the Facts, evidence and more that we offer to share.

I do understand how habits can control one’s life but it IS possible, through education, to change bad, unhealthy habits.  What we ate as children controls the basis for our desires in the realm of food; how it tastes and how it is prepared.  That is why there are so many ‘plant-based meat alternatives’ on the market.  Some taste better than others and some are just not that ‘healthy’; but do satisfy the ‘animal rights’ vegans.

Many who are convinced by their spouse or friends to ‘just try it’ most often fail to fully TASTE the full flavor of those first meals.  If they are just sampling, they, for sure will not fully TASTE the full flavor.  You see, it takes about 14 days for your taste buds to be replaced and going back and forth from carnivore to plant-based just confuses the issue.  We have found a few great recipes that our grandkids love and those may be better starting points.

In addition, the gut bacteria (which is home to about 80% of your natural immune system) takes time to change over to enable the proper digestion of all the fiber in a Whole Food Plant Based Diet and allow the full digestion and absorption of all the nutrients to provide all the benefits that are offered by this way of eating.

So, to fully grasp and enjoy the benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based way of living/eating, it takes TIME and EFFORT.  Many are just not willing or are not sufficiently motivated to even attempt the transition to this marvelous way of Eating/Living.

Those who are most motivated seem to be the sick ones.  Yes, disease and the search for an adequate healing approach is a wonderful motivator and was the primary reason I chose this way of living.  So many lifestyle diseases CAN be treated/cured by this approach it would take much more space than I can offer here.

So please don’t disparage a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestylediet.  It takes Effort and a bit of Work but for many around the Planet it IS Worth That Effort!!!